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FMA PS2 question

For the FMA Ps2 game I need some help because I am getting my ass kicked at one point. I cannot for the life of me kill the water chimera. If it was a life or death situation I'd be dead. Can anyone help?
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Game help.

I've been playing the second GameBoy Advance game for Fullmetal Alchemist lately. I used an item that I don't know of, and now the battle scene is going very fast. o_O; No, it's not only for one battle. All the battles are going fast. o_o; It scares me and want to restart the game because of it.

And there is this one part I don't understand because it's in Japanese. T_T; I can read the Kanji, but I don't quite understand it fully. I know I need to make a bridge to cross the broken path, but to which card and ratio do I need?

I took screenshots so if you can read Japanese, help me?!Collapse )

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I'm at the little book city and there's this shop whereby Winry goes all '*_____*' over a book.

What card does the shop keeper want? And, does Winry become stronger in the later part of the game? I'm gonna scream if she's going to do 20-damage per attack throughout the whole game. >.<

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Stuck in the second game.

I'm in Klus (the ruin things) for the second time, have met Randy and Kate (the big guy and the little girl). I think I'm supposed to look for a stone (the only kanji I can make out when I ask Al on what to do). I can see a bunch of shiny, glittering stones on the floor shortly after little platforms you jump over, but I can't pick them up or do anything to 'em. If I go through the ruins, I end up back on the map.

So, what am I supposed to do?

EDIT: Okay, never mind. It appears I needed to fiddle around with the green wall by to the jumping rocks.
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dgdgdgfdg. IM STUCK.

Yep.. I'm stuck.. right after the train... We're in some city and monsters are attacking people.. i don't know where to go next after killing 3 monsters on the roofs.. o_o;;
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GBA : So....I've gotten past the story portion of the game and finished the omake ('pure fun' events) portion of it, seen the second credits roll....and....

The game picks right up, and Al tells me there are still more cats to find.

So...um, help? I've got 26 so far (including the one you can't see in front of the East City sewers)...where else are they?

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Hi. New victim claimed by FMA fanaticism. Please don't kill me. Er. I have just finished the story portion of the game (nice ending, really. I really like Corniche, which is rare for the sweet girl type of OC that makes the main character blush...even though her nickname is Corny) and moving on to the 'pure fun' part.

Just finished fixing the certain something that got exploded (I hope I keep spoilers out of the way this way), but before that...question. I share Ed's sentiments. What. The. Heck. Was Scar doing in the Military-arranged tournament? And secondly, was whoever programmed Roy's AI on crack? He could've well given players quite a challenge if he uses that alchemy of his often, but NO, he sticks with GUNS. I wouldn't be surprised if it's Hawkeye, she's good at it, but ROY, really?

Even though he was dead funny in the sewers.

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sorry to bother you all... my computer messed up and everything in it got deleted. i want to continue playing the game from the beginning all over again but unfortunately, i don't know where to get it. does anyone still have the link to where i can get it or something like that?